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Your Guide to Fall Flowers & More!

Fall is a wonderful time of year with harvest festivals, Halloween, and fabulous fall flowers! The rich and sumptuous colors of fall with deep ruby reds, golden yellows, oranges, purples, and burgundy are just stunning. A floral arrangement filled with… Read More about Your Guide to Fall Flowers & More! »
Posted by Russ Griffin on October 9, 2020 | Last Updated: October 1, 2021 Autumn Flowers Fall Fall Colors Fall Flowers Flower Gifts Flowers Gifts Halloween Holiday Decor Holiday Florals Thanksgiving

Halloween Flowers That Are More Sweet Than Scary

This fall, as Halloween approaches, use seasonally-inspired colors, textures and flowers to decorate your home or office. The festive designs will set the tone to help everyone get into the spirit of the season, while harvest hues will bring Autumn right inside. Place a gorgeous bouquet on your office desk for everyone to enjoy or detail your home with a taste of fall using floral pieces and Halloween accents. The professionals at Griffin’s Floral Design are eager to show you all of our amazing fall holiday creations. Read More about Halloween Flowers That Are More Sweet Than Scary »
Posted by Russ Griffin on October 14, 2018 Fall Flowers Halloween

Whimsical Halloween Decor

Got little ghosties and ghouls in the house? Then you’re probably decorating the house for Halloween, straddling the line between not-so-scary and just a little spooky. Whimsical Halloween decor isn’t hard to come by this season, and that’s… Read More about Whimsical Halloween Decor »
Posted by Russ Griffin on October 5, 2017 | Last Updated: February 10, 2022 Halloween

Adorable Pet Costumes to Kick Off the Season

The fall season is now officially underway, and with it the anticipation of the arrival of the holiday season. We are inspired by the cool, crisp air and the changing landscape, and look forward to all of the festivities that October brings. First up is Halloween, and we thought that to get the celebrations started, we would share past photos from one of our favorite events. As your local Columbus florist, we have the privilege of having a small part in many parts of your life. From Valentine's Day roses to birthday carnations; from anniversary orchids to sympathy lilies - we truly love getting to know our friends and customers. And every Halloween, we have a tradition that brings the community together in a fun way - our pet costume contest. The amazing pet costumes below are just a few from our prior year's contests, and we hope they inspire you to find an adorable get-up for your canine, feline, or reptile. (Follow us on Facebook so you can enter this year's contest!) Read More about Adorable Pet Costumes to Kick Off the Season »
Posted by Russ Griffin on October 2, 2017 Contest Fall Halloween