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Commemorate the Fourth of July with Symbolic Blooms

America’s most defining moment in history was on July 4th, 1776, when the U.S.A. gained Independence from Great Britain. Today, America’s birthday is celebrated each year as Independence Day, or the Fourth of July, with lively street parades,… Read More about Commemorate the Fourth of July with Symbolic Blooms »

Floral Styles for Veterans Day

  Veterans Day, celebrated every November 11, has been around since 1919 when it was conceived as "Armistice Day" in honor of the end of WWI the year before. Eventually, it became the Veterans Day we know now, and yet not any less a momentous occasion. On this day (or very near close to it), our Columbus community gathers together to honor those who served in the U.S. military through parades, observances, and parties. We fete our heroes in our homes or reach out to them if they are at a distance. We here at Griffin's Floral Design make the same efforts, joining you in celebration of our vets. But we also believe that the gesture of sending flowers in tribute is another way of honoring our heroes, and we've got a variety of floral styles for Veterans Day to choose from. Read More about Floral Styles for Veterans Day »
Posted by Russ Griffin on October 27, 2017 | Last Updated: September 2, 2020 Veterans Day