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Blended Styles For Prom Florals

One of the most exciting events at the end of the school year is always the end of the year spring dance or prom. Students look forward to this all year long, and with good reason! The time-honored traditions surrounding prom can be traced back for generations. One of those favored traditions is the wearing of boutonnieres or corsages. This year, make sure as you get ready for prom, you blend modern trends with the tradition of classic wearable flowers. Griffin’s Floral Design has easy new styles and fresh, innovative designs. Read More about Blended Styles For Prom Florals »
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Proms, School Dances & Special Events

Griffin's Floral Design is known throughout Columbus as not only a top florist but an experienced wedding floral and event planning company. In other words, we understand formal events! So when it comes time for proms or spring dances, we understand how to design wearable flowers that will add all the class and style that you are looking for. Don't Forget! In addition to proms, graduation ceremonies and Mother's Day are two additional spring occasions that call for beautiful corsages! Read More about Proms, School Dances & Special Events »
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