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Try Filling These Unique Vases with Spring Flowers for a Fun Centerpiece

Spring is the season for beautiful blooming flowers of all colors, shapes, and sizes. There are so many ways to display the rich array of spring flowers that finding unique and whimsical containers is now a popular trend. Whether in… Read More about Try Filling These Unique Vases with Spring Flowers for a Fun Centerpiece »

Celebrating our Columbus Weddings

February gives us the opportunity to celebrate all things love. Of course, Valentine's Day is the reigning holiday for romance, and that in itself inspires plenty of devotion. But you may be surprised to hear that February is also National Wedding Month. After all, this wintry month is not one of the most popular for Columbus weddings (June, August, and September claim the three top spots on that list.)  So why would this month be given such an elegant designation? The answer is quite simple.  Read More about Celebrating our Columbus Weddings »
Posted by Russ Griffin on January 24, 2017 | Last Updated: January 25, 2017 Flowers Weddings

Winter Weddings 

Winter weddings are a beautiful way to add warmth to a cold season. After all, what’s more fun than celebrating the love between two people as they begin their lives together? However, preparing for a winter wedding can be… Read More about Winter Weddings  »
Posted by Russ Griffin on November 18, 2014 | Last Updated: December 13, 2021 Weddings