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Grand Galore Purple Orchid 2 Hour Express Pickup

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The Phalaenopsis Orchid Planter is as unique and wonderful as the person receiving it. This is a full ceramic planter with 2 pots of individually planted orchids. Guaranteed to please.Containers & Colors may vary and are not always guaranteed.

Two 5” Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants

100% 2 Spike per plant

23”-29” Average Height

Plant Color Varies- matching per planter, topped with moss

Nice mix of blooms plus buds for longevity per spike

Oval ceramic pot included (pot style and color subject to change and based on availability)

Planter Care:

Temperature: 65-80 Deg. F

Light: Place in a bright, well lit location. Avoid direct sunlight

Watering: 3 ice cubes or ¼ cup of water once per week PER plant

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