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Deluxe Simply Be Well Moisturizing Soap Set Signature Design

Griffins beautifully packaged luxurious Soap & Spa set is made 100% in the USA. Deluxe Simply Be Well Moisturizing Soap Gift Set Series uses only the finest natural ingredients available in their formulas and are free of parabens, free of any synthetic colors or fragrances, gluten-free, free of GMOs, and free of animal tallows. We will expertly pack your gift in in a professional Griffins Gift Box safely protecting your spa delivery.  This gift set contains: NATURAL | PARABEN FREE | NO SYNTHETIC COLORS | NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES

  1. 1 Honey & Coconut 7.75 Oz. Moisturizing Bar Soap
  2. 1 Lavender Infused Honey 7.75 Oz. Moisturizing Bar Soap
  3. 1 Almond Milk Hand Crafted Bar 4oz Bar
  4. 1 Crushed Blueberry Hand Crafted Bar 4oz Bar
  5. 1 Lemon Poppy Milk Hand Crafted Bar 4oz Bar
  6. 1 Olive Oil Milk Hand Crafted Bar 4oz Bar 
  7. 1 Peppermint Bark Hand Crafted Bar 4oz Bar
  8. 1 Cranberry Hand Crafted Bar 4oz Bar
  9. 1 Custom Griffins Gift Box

In addition to the triple milled soaps and beautifully fragranced bath products, we are pleased to add wonderful moisturizing and exfoliating treatment soaps in unique shapes, fragrances and ingredients to our line, adhering to, and exceeding the fine tradition of the exceptional American-made quality.

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