For the best delivery success to a Business please note the following.

  • Tell us what department they are in, along with a direct extension.
  • Provide us the name of the business.
  • If you want a guarantee of delivery before they leave work we recommend paying RUSH delivery.
  • We do not conceal identity on any gift to the recipient. We can send anonymously, but if they call we will share the name of the sender, but only the name, no other information.
  • PROVIDE THE RECIPIENT'S CELL PHONE NUMBER. Your number will not help us get the gift delivered.
  • Verify they will be at work prior to placing your order.
  • UPS and/or Shipped deliveries do not have a guaranteed delivery date. We are unable to guaranteewhen UPS, Fed-Ex, or the USPS will deliver the package. We ship ground. If you want overnight delivery service, contact one of our stores directly.