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Posted by griffins on February 27, 2009 Holiday Flowers

St. Patricks Day, The Shamrock

St. Patrick’s Day Flower, March 17th 2009 is St. Patrick’s Day

Local Florist offers St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock heritage.

The plant/flower Shamrock, which is a word from the Irish clover known as “seamarog”; is considered good luck.

This national Irish symbol of Ireland has a very long St Patrick’s Day history behind it.  The Clover was sacred to ancient Celtic tribes as clear proof of the power of “THREE”, to which they associated great importance.   All things Big and Small, both mundane and profound, can be shown to have three main parts.

  • Symbolization of  the Christian doctrine of the Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  • Three things which diminish: lies, darkness, death
  • Three things which expand: truth, lightness, life
  • Three things to aspire to: truth, honor, duty

Send a local Columbus Resident or Columbus Business a Shamrock or maybe even a dozen of beautiful green roses to offer a little pinch of “Irish Luck”.  Local Columbus Florist, Griffin’s Floral Design will hand deliver your columbus flowers gift with a smile upon their face.

Happy St. Patrick Day is March 17th, 2009