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Posted by Russ Griffin on September 6, 2023 Uncategorized

Secrets of the Witch’s Garden: Flowers and Their Symbolism

Flowers are a poignant reminder of life’s brevity on earth, as their beautiful bloom isn’t built to endure forever. However, we can relish the hues and beauty of fresh blossoms and the enchantment they cast over our spaces. Different flowers radiate distinct energies that can shield, enrich, and invigorate us through their nurturing qualities and meaningful symbolism. According to legend, some flowers were favored by witches and those aiming to safeguard themselves from their spells. At Griffin’s Floral Design & Wineshop in Newark and New Albany, Ohio, these mystical flowers are a potent choice for a bewitching Halloween bouquet.

Roses Dispel Negative Energy

Roses are arguably more popular than any other flower globally, admired for their inherent beauty, sweet fragrance, and photogenic features. There are also plenty of ways you can use roses in bouquets. They possess varying meanings in diverse cultures, yet all recognize their universal power. In the Medieval era, roses were utilized to ward off malevolent spirits and ensure protection, occasionally as protective spells and amulets. Nowadays, their vivid colors and velvety texture dispel negativity, though their thorny stems can remind us that even the gentlest entities can have sharp components.

Marigolds Protect Us and Safeguard Our Health

Marigolds hold a mosaic of meanings that traverse cultures and time periods. They’re often tied to the afterlife, providing a link to the departed, particularly around the Halloween season. Beyond their spiritual connotations pertaining to the dead, marigolds possess a protective energy that keeps negative energy at bay. They even reveal our innermost wishes as they are associated with dreaming. Throughout history, marigolds have been prized for their healing essence, easing our discomforts and boosting vitality.

Orchids Sharpen Our Senses

Orchids have various meanings, arguably the most important being their spiritual significance. These tropical blooms are revered for strengthening our spiritual connection and stirring latent energies within us. Orchids aid us in deciphering the patterns in our lives, possibly revealing insights we might not see otherwise. Their presence gives off a subtle yet strong vibe, inviting us to delve into the unknown. Orchids could even amplify our psychic abilities, making them a perfect fit for Halloween arrangements with a bit of mystical magic.

Snapdragons are Talismans That Keep Us Safe

Snapdragons catch the eye with their distinctive petal shape, and they’ve long had a reputation for protecting against unknown and unseen forces. Ancient wisdom says snapdragons repel negative energies and unravel the bonds of curses. They also ensure the separation between our world and the next is solid, maintaining harmony and order. As Halloween and spooky season approach, keeping snapdragons close offers us protection and good luck.

Lilies Keep Unwanted Attachments Away

Lilies have much more to offer than their pleasing scent and elegant petals. They can break the influence of unwanted love spells and establish a safe retreat around our individual space. Infused with a subtle yet profound strength, lilies free us from the emotional entanglements that no longer serve us. As sentinels of our emotional boundaries, these blossoms protect the purity of our hearts and minds, allowing only for the love that aligns with our souls and nurturing environments where our spirits thrive.

At Griffin’s Floral Design & Wineshop, we’re strong proponents of the belief that flowers can mend, protect, and uplift us, especially when we might be more receptive to supernatural influences during spooky season. Explore our autumn floral arrangements to curate the ultimate collection of Halloween blooms.