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Posted by Russ Griffin on July 8, 2021 | Last Updated: July 12, 2021 Uncategorized

How to Surprise Travelers with Flowers at the Airport

Welcoming family, friends, guests, or your significant other back to town can be one of the most exciting and fun moments to plan. From a sweet meal at home to a creative or humorous greeting at the airport, one thing you cannot forget is a bright and fresh floral bouquet. As these blooms will surely convey how happy you are to reunite and how much you have missed them, your friends and experts here at Griffin’s Floral Designs, the top florist in Columbus, are happy to share our best ideas for giving loved ones flowers in a unique and meaningful way.

Creative Ideas for Presenting Blooms

Present Flowers at the Airport

Planning a thoughtful surprise is the perfect way to make your loved one light up and smile as you reunite at the airport. One of our favorite airport greetings is handing them a bouquet of their favorite flowers as you take their bags and luggage to carry to the car. As this gesture is simple and sweet, it no doubt has a large impact.

Spruce Up Your Car

Let your loved ones be surprised as they are greeted with breathtaking blooms waiting in the car for them. As you load their bags into the trunk or back seat, they can enjoy fresh flowers from their local florist, without having the carry them through the airport. In addition, leave a sweet note on the front seat for them to find or include more local treats and refreshments for them to enjoy after their long flight.

Decorate Your Home

From the second they walk into your home, they will be touched by the warm fuzzy feelings and grand celebratory greeting. Save their floral surprise and display their bouquet on a table by the door so they can be properly welcomed as they reach their destination. Get creative with cute decorations and yummy homemade baked goods that you can enjoy together.

Design a Flower Scavenger Hunt

Whether you are looking for an entertaining, romantic, exciting, or simply fun idea to welcome guests or loved ones to town, a floral scavenger hunt is a way to do so. As you present the first single bloom at the airport, this will start the series of hidden flowers in your car, on your doorstep, in your home, and finally, in the center of your table as you enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner together. Personalize the scavenger hunt by tying notes to each stem that spell out a phrase or sentence, are hints to a riddle, plans for their visit, or romantic love notes.

Display a Bouquet in the Guest Room

Greeting your guest and making them feel comfortable during their visit can also mean freshening up the guest room with fragrant and uplifting flowers. While presenting a bouquet at the airport might seem more romantic than welcoming, placing blooms in an elegant vase on a nightstand or dresser is the perfect way to say “welcome.” You can even add a card to the bouquet to ensure your guest knows these were chosen specially for them.

Enjoy Fresh Morning Blooms

Welcome celebrations don’t have to happen as soon as your loved ones walk off the plane. After they have settled in, get a good night’s rest, and feel refreshed in the morning, present them with a luxurious and elegant bouquet of flowers to help them start their day. You can even cook up a delectable breakfast and enjoy catching up over a cup of coffee or tea as you admire their flowers.

Inspiration for the best airport greeting and a warm welcome can stem from just about anywhere at any time, even as you scroll through the amazing online collection of reenergizing and bright-colored floral bouquets here at Griffin’s Floral Designs. Surprising travelers with uplifting, fresh, and thoughtful flowers is the perfect gesture after their long flight.

Dazzling and delightful, this bold and colorful flower bouquet is set to impress with its high impact look and graceful styling. Orange & Yellow roses accented with hot pink gerbera daisies and yellow alstroemeria on top of a bed of electric blue hydrangea arranged in a clear cube.

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