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Griffins Floral Designs

Posted by griffins on April 12, 2011 | Last Updated: October 12, 2020 Uncategorized

Beautiful Columbus Autumn Wedding

This wedding for the Fullerton family was absolutely beautiful. Words and pictures simply can’t express just how stunning the room was that evening at the Pinnacle Golf Club in Grove City.  Chantel Shone Photography was gracious enough to offer us some photographs to share our work with you.  If you like her work, visit her on line at:  She captured the moment perfectly.

Our bride came to us in early 2010 and said she wanted to create a wedding with unique and unusual designs that would be talked about for years to come.  The essence of the Autumn season was to be at the forefront of each design, while using natures natural landscape.  Mosses, branches, wheat’s, and pods accented each design while still allowing for each floret to tell its own story with beautiful candlelight everywhere.  Her bouquet was a designers choice, Jennifer simply wanted to be surprised.  Our guidance was to include Mango calla lilies and Tropical orchids.  The rest was up to us.  What fun, to design a wedding with our most unique concepts. What an honor to trusted and allowed to express exactly who Griffins Floral Designs is through their work.

Thank you to the Fullerton family for allowing us to be part of such a special day.