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Griffins Floral Designs

Posted by Russ Griffin on March 12, 2018 Uncategorized

A Beautiful Spring Design

The approach of Spring heralds one of the most anticipated seasonal changes of the year. After a long, hard winter, everyone is ready for Spring birds and Spring blooms. The Birdbath And Violets arrangement from Griffin’s Floral Design brings an unexpectedly delightful combination of both.

The Birdbath And Violets display features a beautiful white ceramic birdbath that is overflowing with ivy as well as lush purple violets. While it is the ideal gift to celebrate Spring or any Springtime holiday, it is also the perfect gift for just about any occasion throughout the year.

Birdbath And Violets Columbus Oh Florists Newark

Birds have a special, uplifting energy all their own. Placing a bird feeder and/or bird bath in your yard will make it a welcome place for these beautiful creatures.The bird bath can make the ideal display and holder for the flowers and ivy. However, the plants can also be transferred out so that the bird bath can be placed in your yard to entice feathered friends to visit you.

Your floral professionals at Griffin’s Floral Design offer a range of classic arrangements as well as inventive combinations. There’s literally something for everyone and every occasion.

However, The Birdbath And Violets arrangement is especially unique. By reusing the bird bath, the recipient will retain the memory of your gift for years to come, even if the flowers and ivy are transplanted elsewhere.

Count on Griffin’s Floral Design for all your floral needs in Springtime and throughout the year. We look forward to serving you!