Do You Work for the Best Boss in Columbus?

By Russ Griffin on September 24, 2017 in Corporate Gifts, Flowers, Plants. 0 Comments

best boss

Nearly 90,000 people work everyday in downtown Columbus, and many of those people are employers, executives, and supervisors. With so many bosses, you can bet that there is a vast array of personalities and management styles represented, but experts tell us that great bosses all share common characteristics. If you think you work for the best boss in Columbus, he or she likely exhibits many of these traits.

National Bosses Day is October 16, and gives you a great opportunity to show appreciation for someone who supports and encourages you every day. Griffin’s Floral Designs has everything you need to express your thanks! 

best boss

Gift Idea: A money tree (shown above) represents prosperity, good luck, and wealth.  It is classic and sophisticated, and fits beautifully into any office decor.

What Makes a Great Boss?

*  A great boss takes responsibility for decisions and even mistakes, but shares accolades with the team.
*  A great boss is passionate about the company and it’s mission.
*  A great boss encourages ongoing learning and helps to identify opportunities to advancement.
*  A great boss shows their humanity, and is not afraid to ask his team for help.
*  A great boss sees strengths and weaknesses in each employee, and uses the insight to help them succeed.

Gift Idea: The tropical bromellad is a colorful, exotic plant which is perfect for any desk or office. If you have the best boss, give them this unique gift.

best boss

Did You Know? National Boss’s Day has been celebrated since 1962. It originated in Chicago and is now observed across the United States, as well as in Australia, India and South Africa.

Gift Idea: Green plants add lush beauty to any interior, and are a long-lasting reminder of your appreciation. Our globe terrarium is the perfect desktop arrangement, offering green plants and rocks in a compact, decorative container.

best boss

If your boss is the best boss you’ve ever had, let them know – with a gift from Griffin’s Floral Design of Columbus.


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