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Daisies Perfect for April Birthdays

April birthdays

There are a lot of things to celebrate in the springtime, not the least of which is the return of the warm weather! But throughout the year, there are special occasions that we love to help you to recognize as well, especially the birthdays of your friends and loved ones. In April, we get to celebrate both birthdays and springtime in one glorious bouquet – the birth flower of April is the daisy, and there may be no flower more appropriate to announce the spring. The iconic white and gold flower represents the innocence of youth and first love  – “she loves me, she loves me not” – and is carefree, cheerful, and pure.

For all of your April birthdays, call Griffin’s Floral Design to order an armload of daisies. They deliver the fresh vibe of spring directly to any Columbus area front door. 

april birthdays

The classic flower is known as the English daisy, but that is by no means your only choice. In fact, the daisy grows in a staggering 23,000 varieties, and along with all of its cousins, represents more than 10% of the flowering plants in the entire world.  Some of the other popular varieties are the Shasta, Marguerite, and African daisy, but in floral design, the favorite may be the gerbera daisy.

Gerbera daisies can be recognized because of their wide flower head and sturdy stalks that keep the bloom fresh longer than most cut flowers. However, the gerbera is well-loved primarily because of its vivid, vibrant colors. These happy flowers exhibit hot pinks, deep crimsons, sunny yellows, and fiery oranges. In fact, the only colors you will not find in the gerbera family are blues and purples.

April birthdaysWhether you choose classic daisies or a more colorful variety; whether you want a stand-alone bouquet of daisies or a mixed bouquet featuring the bloom – you can’t go wrong by calling Griffin’s Floral Design. We have the freshest, most exquisite fresh cut flowers in Columbus, Westerville, Pataskala and Newark, And we’ve raised celebrating April birthdays to a floral art form.