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Griffins Floral Designs

Posted by Russ Griffin on June 13, 2014 | Last Updated: August 18, 2014 Uncategorized

What Every Father Wants on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a wonderful holiday, and making sure a message is correctly relayed requires time and commitment. Selecting the right flower bouquet can be tough, and every guy is different. However, men have a soft side not normally seen by others. If you’re thinking of flowers for your dad, granddad or husband, selecting a collection capable of relaying love, gratitude and commitment requires a little thinking.

Tropical Flowers

Often, tropical flowers present a bold, elegant presence. Many men can convey a variety of feelings through tropical flowers, and tropical flowers, themselves, convey seasonal renewal and masculinity. Blooming red, yellow orange and purple look great within a summertime household, and collections of Asters, Daisies, Tulips and Chrysanthemums make excellent decorations.

Many flower arrangements exist, like Orchid mixtures and Birds of Paradise flowers. These assortments are often accessible in a variety of colors, heights and counts, but men, mostly, prefer linear creations suitable for the office desk, the dining room table or the kitchen area. While many flowers express commitment and love, Red Roses and White Roses are common gifts throughout Father’s Day, as they’re the holiday’s official flowers.

Selecting the Perfect Bouquet

Heart-shaped Anthuriums and Waxy Birds of Paradise flowers make incredible impacts, and those seeking unique flower assortments should consider Helinonias or beautiful Ginger blooms. Many exotic orchids exist, and many tropical and subtropical flowers, like gerberas, leucadendrons and proteas match well with a totally-tropical setup. Father’s Day bouquets are about boldness to define unity and respect.

Normally, such tropical flowers are taken from warm regions, making them flexible and durable. Tropical flowers are ideal for interior conditions, so, when selecting the perfect bouquet, remember to utilize a vase suitable for indoor environments.

When properly cared for, tropical flowers last up to two weeks—delivering extra cheer to Father’s Day times. Creating the perfect flower collection is fun, easy and shows character and familial dedication. For the perfect assortment, arrange tropical flowers into vertical groups. Tropical flowers grow well when placed within this arrangement, giving them a masculine and robust growing pattern.