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Posted by Russ Griffin on May 25, 2016 | Last Updated: October 29, 2020 Uncategorized

Exotic Flowers Bring the Tropics to Columbus

exotic flowersColumbus has a lot to offer, and we have a lot of diversity in every aspect of life. One thing we cannot claim, however, is a tropical climate. While we’ll leave that honor to the southernmost states, we still love the look of gorgeous tropical flowers and believe that sending arrangements of these exotic blooms is an excellent way to celebrate the summer season.

There are many tropical plants that are popular choices for floral bouquets and arrangements. Some of these are well known and easily recognizable, like the bright orange bird of paradise. This iconic flower has the angular shape and vivid color that is unmistakable and is also a staple of tropical flower arranging. Like many tropical flowers, the dramatic lines and rare hues create a striking aesthetic. Heliconia exhibits a similar look as the bird of paradise, and red ginger plants add spikes of fiery color. Other blooms like the Fuji mum or the protea create eclectic texture with their long, spider-like flower petals and softer tones; and the rich purple dendrobium orchid is frequently used to offset the warm tones of the other plants and flowers. Of course, for a dramatic statement, a monochromatic display of one type of flower is another way to create a breathtaking floral focal point for your home.

exotic flowers exotic flowers

While bouquets and floral arrangements can beautifully decorate a home or office, there are also some potted tropical plants that can provide long-lasting beauty to an indoor area; a glassed-in porch or a backyard deck in the summer. Bromeliads are some of the most versatile plants that exhibit a colorful, tropical aesthetic while being easy to care for and maintain.

At Griffin’s Floral Design, we are committed to the design of floral arrangements that will help to change your space from boring to beautiful! This summer, immerse yourself with summer tropical flowers to create a carefree island mood – call Griffin’s Floral Design today, and relax like you are on vacation.