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Posted by Russ Griffin on April 21, 2015 | Last Updated: April 22, 2015 Uncategorized

Flowers and Gifts This Mother’s Day

Mother's DayIs your mom a special person in your life? Are you worried that you don’t spend enough time with her? Or, is this the first time you’ll celebrate Mother’s Day with your wife and your new child? Whatever your reasons for observing this special day, you have many choices for Mother’s Day gifts and flowers.

A Little Mother’s Day History

In its earliest years a century ago, Mother’s Day began as a memorial for the mother of Anna Jarvis, a resident of West Virginia. In the following years, Anna campaigned to make the day an official, recognized holiday in the United States.

Anna was eventually successful in making the day an official celebration, but she was dismayed by the commercialization of the holiday as the years passed. She actually started campaigning to have the holiday redacted from the calendar, and her efforts even led to her arrest for disturbing the peace!

Today, celebrating Mother’s Day is something we can do in so many special ways, and finding a meaningful and special way to celebrate with Mom is part of the fun. Maybe you’ll give Mom a deliciously scented lavender basket of tea and beauty products. Flowers are probably on the menu, too.

Mother's Day

Lavender Blossom Spa

Choosing Beautiful Flowers for Mother’s Day

There’s no doubt that you’ll give Mom flowers for Mother’s Day, but you’re not required to give a specific bloom for the event. Traditional flowers run the gamut from red roses to tulips, carnations, and gerbera daisies.

How should you choose the flowers? Well, getting flowers in your mom’s favorite color is an easy way to make your choice. Adding one of her favorite snacks or candies to the gift is also a fun and traditional way to celebrate the holiday. You can choose absolutely any gift you wish, but you can’t go wrong with flowers and candy for Mother’s Day.

Remember that you can celebrate Mother’s Day with people who you don’t actually call “Mom.” Maybe your best friend just had a child this year, and this is her first Mother’s Day. How meaningful it would be to give her a vase of pink roses and carnations accented with cute butterflies.

Mother's Day

Blushing Butterfiles

Mother’s Day is a happy, spring holiday filled with love, thanks, and enthusiasm for the roles our mothers play in our lives. Make the event beautiful and meaningful with the perfect flowers from Griffin’s Floral Design.