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Posted by Russ Griffin on July 27, 2016 | Last Updated: September 1, 2020 Uncategorized

Giving Back-to-School Gifts

back to school gifts

As much as we don’t want to think about it, summer is ending and it’s time to go back to school. All over the Columbus area, students are assembling school supplies and finishing summer reading; and teachers are finalizing lesson plans and organizing classrooms. As you are checking items off your list, don’t forget to look into back-to-school gifts – both for teachers¬†and for your older students returning to college.¬†back-to-school giftsThere are many gifts that you can give to your child’s teacher to encourage them as they begin the new academic year. Our wide variety of fruit baskets, chocolates, and gourmet collections are a great place to start when looking to deliver a delicious surprise to kick off the year. Whether sent to the individual teacher, the administrative offices or into the faculty room for all to enjoy, we know that they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.
back-to-school gifts
Classroom gifts which are both beautiful and practical include many types of green plants. Plants are known to improve the air quality by removing toxins; creating an atmosphere more conducive to concentration and productivity. Dish gardens and terrariums not only achieve this goal but also can be utilized for educational purposes. Kids naturally gravitate to these types of arrangements, and having a microcosm of nature resident in the classroom is a great way to teach students about plant life.back-to-school gifts

Because of the remarkable ability of green plants to infuse serenity into an environment, consider sending a unique green plant to your university student as well. These elegant plants can fit in easily into any decor and have many benefits as they learn and study.

Griffin’s Floral Design is proud to provide flowers, plants, and back-to-school gifts that will celebrate the beginning of the new school in style. Teachers and students alike – from Pentaskala to New Albany and Newark – will appreciate your support and encouragement as they embark on their new journey.