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Posted by Russ Griffin on March 14, 2016 | Last Updated: January 31, 2022 Uncategorized

Griffin’s Floral Designs – Easter Flowers

easter flowersIn 2016, Easter occurs in early spring, only days after the season begins. Both Easter, and the advent of spring, evoke feelings of healing and renewal – new hopes and new inspiration abound. In fact, in ancient times, the vernal equinox was considered the beginning of the new year.

Frost may still be on the ground, but we can feel the warming promise of spring with each passing day. The world becomes increasingly green, new and fresh, and the arrival of the earliest spring flowers herald the season. The crocus is known as the official harbinger of springtime; poking up through the cold ground before most; the daffodil is another flower that tends to show up early, impatient for winter to be over.

Traditions from two sources dominate our Easter celebrations. The Christian celebration of the biblical Resurrection of Christ is the most deeply significant of the day; and also has a spring blossom closely tied to it. The white lily has long been emblematic of the religious tradition, and is known as the official flower of Easter in many circles. While a single white lily is often sent as a gift for the holiday remembrance, Griffins” Elegant Blooms delivers a contemporary twist to this enduring symbol.

easter flowers easter flowers

For many, Easter memories are comprised of hunting for colorful eggs and Easter baskets carrying chocolate bunnies. These iconic images actually have their origin in pagan fertility festivals, although most today wouldn’t know that. Still, the pastel colors and whimsical fun have long been associated with Easter Sunday. The spring colors and spirit of youthful joy are embodied in bouquets of vibrant spring flowers, such as tulips, roses, hydrangea, irises, forsythia and asters. To send a truly special floral arrangement to your friends or family – or to have a one-of-a-kind display as the showpiece of your dinner table – allow Griffin’s Floral Designs to create a unique and personalized bouquet just for you.
Spring is coming to Columbus before you know it – be ready to celebrate with some of the most beautiful flowers available. Stop into Griffin’s Floral Design today, and let us help you to start a new Easter tradition, one of seasonal beauty.