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Griffins Floral Designs

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Holiday Coloring Contest

We recently held a coloring contest at Local school, Liberty Christine Academy.  WOW!! What fun this was.  The entire student body was involved.  The intent of the contest was three fold: 1. give a little something back 2. help teach holiday spirit with the student body 3. create student body and staff unity on a common item.  The winning student received a gift basket of goodies, a Fitz & Floyd Christmas Centerpiece for mom, and a Pizza Party from Local Pizza shop Donato’s Pizza.  The running up student received a holiday flower arrangement and custom stocking for the entire class.

Everyone enjoyed it.  The hardest part was picking a winner.  The entire student body outdid themselves.  3rd grader, and runner up, Micah Jones created a really unique and clean design in traditional reds, greens, and golds.  Our staff loved this picture because of  clean design and look.  12th grader Katie Gould captured our attention with her tweezer placed glitter spots and won an Honorable Mention award.  How neat. The winning picture, colored by 7th grader Mayah Taylor, really put some time into her picture with lots of detail.  Her picture was fun, while still staying clean and organized.

Congratulations to all of you, and thank you for helping make our contest a success.  A special thank you to the school and Karen Jones for allowing us to host the contest and acting as a liaison between us, the students, teachers, and parents.  Thank you also to Donato’s Pizza for offering the handle the Pizza Party to take place on Jan 5th.