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Posted by Russ Griffin on November 8, 2013 | Last Updated: October 15, 2020 Uncategorized

Hosting A Stress Free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Centerpieces For Columbus Ohio

Hosting A Stress Free Thanksgiving, Is It Really Possible?

Oh Joy, it’s your turn to host Thanksgiving in your home and you’re freaking out.  Well no need.  With these simple tips on creating a stress-free Thanksgiving, it will be easy as pie, pumpkin pie that is.  Now what you’ve got here is a basic checklist that starts with creating the guest list, to purchasing the right size turkey all the way to selecting the perfect centerpiece for your table.  If you follow these simple steps, come Thanksgiving Day, you’ll find yourself taking in the holiday spirit and fun as you enjoy great food and fun with your loved ones.

So, for that Stress-Free Thanksgiving, just follow these smart and easy tips and you are sure to have a stress free day.

Three weeks ahead…

  • Create your guest list of friends and family.
  • Send out the invitations – remember to ask what people are planning to bring.
  • Once you’ve got an idea of how many are coming and what is being brought, take inventory of dishes, glasses, silverware, serving platters, etc.  Remember…it doesn’t have to match.
  • Order your Thanksgiving centerpiece for your table.

Two weeks ahead…

  • Finalize the menu, remember, who’s bringing what.
  • Shop for all non-perishables
  • Purchase your turkey, allow 3/4 pound per person (If frozen, make sure there’s room in your freezer otherwise wait until the week of)

The week of…

  • If you’ve purchased a frozen turkey, make room in the refrigerator for it.  Make sure to use a large pan to set it in as it thaws.  You should allow 1 day of thaw time per every 4 pounds of bird.  Example: a 12 pound turkey will need 3 days to thaw.
  • Purchase needed perishables for recipes and such.
  • Pick up the yard. Clean the house.
  • Add some Thanksgiving Flowers to reel in the Thanksgiving holiday even more.
  • 3 days before – set up your beverage area, cups, ice bucket, bottle opener, a wine key.  Decorating with a simple holiday floral piece will add class to that space.
  • 2 days before – Make or purchase your desserts
  • 1 day before – prepare any side dishes that can be held overnight. You know, like cranberries, sweet potatoes.
  • Cut and chop all ingredients for salads but do not toss until day of.

Thanksgiving Day

  • Get that bird in the oven, roasting 12-15 minutes per pound at 325 degrees F.   Plan for the turkey to be done one hour before dinner time so it has time to set and cool a bit.
  • set out all dishes and utensils
  • Chill the beverages
  • Admire the gorgeous Autumn Centerpiece and the table you’ve created for your Stress-Free Thanksgiving and enjoy the time with your family and friends.