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Posted by Russ Griffin on January 5, 2016 Uncategorized

Liven the Inside of the Home With Houseplant Appreciation Day

houseplant appreciationThroughout the holiday season, flowers are popular for decorating homes, giving as gifts and otherwise spreading the holiday spirit. Once the season ends, however, many people begin to overlook their beautiful houseplants. The Gardener’s Network started Houseplant Appreciation Day as a way to encourage people to learn more about the benefits, such as cleaner and fresher indoor air, that these potted plants can bring their homes. The appreciation day was also created to remind people to give their plants some loving care to help them continue to thrive. Even though the winter months bring cold and dreariness for many people, houseplants can help lighten the mood.

At Griffin’s Floral Design, we love helping our customers find the perfect indoor plant to meet their needs. Here are a few of our favorite selections for people to consider as they began their shopping.

Grand Galor Combo Pot

This planter contains two pots of the stunning Phalaenopsis Orchid. The radiant colors found on these flowers help to light up a room and are fantastic for decorating. Since the planter is small, it is the perfect houseplant to put on the corner of the desk, in the center of the table or on a living room end table. Let the sweetness of the orchid welcome you each time you walk into a room.

Chinese Evergreen

This beautiful plant offers large green leaves with white accents. It is the perfect addition to any home. It can be put in the corner, on a table in the entranceway to a home or anywhere else that a lovely potted plant can add its charm. This plant would be a wonderful gift for Houseplant Appreciation Day. It would also serve owners well who choose to purchase it for their own homes.

Peace Lily – Spathiphyllum Plant

The classic, simple beauty of the Peace Lily makes it a popular choice for anyone looking to add houseplants to the home. The large, deep green leaves are perfect for adding fresh air to the home. The white blooms are the perfect decoration and accent to any room or office.

Houseplant Appreciation Day is a fantastic opportunity for people to recognize the value and beauty of their houseplants. Take advantage of the beauty these plants offer and relish in them as winter and cold weather drags on outside. At Griffin’s Floral Design we look forward to helping you find the perfect houseplant for yourself or a loved one, so contact us today.