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Posted by Russ Griffin on October 15, 2015 | Last Updated: October 29, 2020 Uncategorized

Picking Out Flowers for Mother-in-Law Day

mother-in-lawMother-in-Law Day offers everyone a special opportunity to show their love and appreciation for their mothers-in-law, the person responsible for raising your spouse. First celebrated in Amarillo, Texas on March 5, 1934, Mother-in-Law Day was promoted and initiated by Amarillo’s local newspaper editor. The day was meant to resemble holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day by setting aside an entire day to honor mothers-in-law everywhere. Though the holiday has not yet been officially recognized, meaning the United States Federal Government has not made it a legal holiday, Mother-in-Law Day has gained popularity across the nation. The holiday is celebrated annually on the fourth Sunday of October.

Mothers-in-law have unfortunately been given a negative reputation in popular culture, in spite of the fact that many daughters and sons-in-law enjoy a positive relationship of mutual support and friendship with their mothers-in-law. Mother-in-Law Day provides the perfect opportunity to break this stereotype by showing your mother-in-law how much you care. Families observe Mother-in-Law Day by honoring their mothers-in-law with thoughtful gifts like heartfelt cards, jewelry, families dinners, floral arrangements, or by pampering mothers-in-law with a day of relaxation spent at a spa.

mother-in-lawWhen selecting a floral arrangement for your mother-in-law, consider her personality. Is she free-spirited? Does she prefer bright colors or a pastel palette? Does exhibit a taste for classic elegance? We have a wide variety of unique and artful floral arrangements designed to complement anyone’s individual personality and style. From timeless bouquets like our Bunches of Love arrangement featuring a purple palette of gladioli, larkspur, spray roses, and Matsumoto asters gathered in a lavender glass vase, to playful arrangements like our Beautiful Day bouquet features a cheerful clutch of pink roses and alstroemeria, sinuata statis, and lavender carnations gathered in a fun purple glass cube vase. If your mother-in-law enjoys gardening or spending time in the outdoors, then a basket of easy to care for potted plants such as our Blooming Garden Basket will make the perfect gift.

However your family chooses to celebrate Mother-in-Law Day, our professional florists at Griffin’s Floral Design look forward to helping you select the perfect bouquet to complement your mother-in-law’s unique personality, style, and beauty. We wish you and your family a special Mother-in-Law Day filled with love and happy memories.