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Posted by Russ Griffin on June 29, 2016 | Last Updated: October 29, 2020 Uncategorized

Ruby Flowers for July Birthdays

july birthdaysThe birthstone of July is the ruby, which is no doubt a stunning visual gemstone with its deep, rich color. Legend has it that an old Chinese emperor exclaimed “A city for a stone, a whole city for this stone!” after seeing and desiring a majestic, perfect ruby, promising that whoever acquired it for him would be given an entire city. Whether or not the story is true, the stone has historically been the jewel of royalty, desired not only for its beauty but its purported properties of healing, protection, and prosperity. One of only four true gemstones, it is similar to the emerald in that most that reach the market has been artificially enhanced to deepen the hue; making a naturally occurring, deep red ruby a true treasure.

You may not be able to provide a ruby to your loved ones celebrating a birthday this month, but you can deliver a floral representation of this coveted stone by sending ruby-red roses in an elegant silver vase. These flowers exhibit the same elegance, opulence, and beauty that the ruby embodies, and are sure to create a wonderful impression.

july birthdays

Many do not realize that the most valuable rubies are a rich red, with a deep caste of blue. This is especially meaningful in July, as the birth flower of the month is the blue delphinium, This delicate, serene flower is representative of summer and is the perfect choice for a birthday floral arrangement – and with its color, can be combined with roses to create a truly striking masterpiece. The floral designers at Griffin’s have successfully combined ruby red and deep blues into an artistic arrangement that is so beautiful that it could be displayed in a gallery.

If you are looking for a gorgeous way to celebrate your loved one this month, choose flowers that represent this month beautifully. The experts at Griffin’s Floral Design are ready to ship a work of art to Columbus and beyond – stop in today and let’s create something amazing.