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Posted by Russ Griffin on May 9, 2014 | Last Updated: October 29, 2020 Uncategorized

The Secret to Gift Giving on Mother’s Day

The trees are starting to bud, spring flowers are blooming, and the temperature is rising. Mother’s Day must be coming soon. If you’re like many of us, the occasion tends to sneak up on you. However, it doesn’t have to be a chore. You just need to know the secret of gift-giving on Mother’s Day. (In 2014, Mother’s Day is May 11th.)

The secret to gift-giving on Mother’s Day
Buying a gift for Mother’s Day might seem like an impossible task. However, there’s a secret that every mother knows and almost every child struggles to learn. It’s not about what you spend or the size of the gift, it’s only important that you remember your mother and spend a little time with her, if possible, on Mother’s Day.  What type of present should you get? Flowers are timeless and always appreciated–from a single rose to an exotic orchid.

Fun facts about Mother’s Day

Just how did the tradition of honoring mothers on the second Sunday in May get started? We have that answer and other fun facts about Mother’s Day:

  • In the United States, Mother’s Day is marked on the second Sunday of May.
  • The United States isn’t the only country that celebrates Mother’s Day. More than 150 countries set aside a day to honor mothers.
  • Dates for Mother’s Days around the world range from the first full moon in January (Myanmar) to December 22 (Indonesia). However, most countries celebrate Mother’s Day in May.
  • Mother’s Day was made a national holiday by President Woodrow Wilson in 1924.
  • It is traditional to wear a carnation on Mother’s Day. Red is for persons with a living mother. White is for persons whose mother is dead.

There’s still plenty of time to make plans for a special Mother’s Day gift for your mother. Remember, although flowers, candy, dinner, and/or a card all make nice gifts, it’s not as much about what you gift, but that you gift something from the heart.

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