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Posted by Russ Griffin on November 9, 2015 | Last Updated: October 29, 2020 Uncategorized

Spread the Message of World Peace Through Gifts of Peace Lilies

Have you ever heard of World Peace Day? It’s not the same thing as International Peace Day which is a United Nations event. World Peace Day was the brainchild of Don Morris, who is also known as “The Peaceguy.” Morris wanted people to make a personal commitment to work for peace. It isn’t an official or unofficial holiday observance. It’s just the result of a grassroots crusade that morphed into something big, and it’s observed on November 17 every year.


He envisioned World Peace Day as an occasion to show that you’re committed to doing your what you can to help promote peace in your life, in your community, and by extension, throughout the world. Griffin’s Floral Design is thrilled to be part of the World Peace Day initiative in the Columbus area.


Morris thought that people could show their solidarity for world peace by driving with their headlights on. He was convinced that the sight of lanes of cars driving through local streets, highways and interstates would inspire others to do the same.


He wanted people to look into their own hearts and to think about the way they’ve handled confrontations, verbal arguments or personal conflicts. Think about the times when you’ve judged someone because of what they believe or because they aren’t like you. Do this with your children because it will help them understand that conflict and prejudice can turn into violent confrontations in no time.


It takes lot for anyone to admit that they’ve been wrong. The ability to do that, especially if your words or actions hurt someone deeply. We believe in the power of flowers and plants to soothe those wounds and make amends for wrongdoings. There is no better time to extend the symbolic olive branch of peace than on World Peace Day.


We’ve come up with two gift ideas that are ideally suitable for the World Peace Day theme and concept.

No plant is more appropriate to the idea of peace than Spathiphyllum – Peace Lily. This lush green plant is characterized by shiny dark green leaves from which long spikes emerge. At the top of the stem, there is a spathe that surrounds the flower. Most people mistake the spathe for the flower. This is a plant that yields high rewards for minimal effort.


Our Garden of Serenity is a delightful container garden that will brighten any room in a home, office space, hospital or nursing home room. We fill a wicker planting basket with low maintenance plants including a peace lily as the star plant.


Show your commitment to World Peace with gifts of Peace Lilies.