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The Flower Middle Man

The Flower Middle Man Equation.  Local Means …”Less For The Middle Men

Flowers are commodities that require many middlemen before they reach their final destination.  Years ago the chain of travel for flowers was; grower (Ecuador), broker (Miami-customs), wholesaler (Columbus), florist (Us), consumer (You).  The chain has drastically changed over the past ten years.  Now you see grower, broker, wholesaler, call-center, wire-service, florist, and consumer.  Two more middle-men have been added to the equation.  As discussed in “Are you receiving your value?” Consumers pay on average 30% more when using a call-center or wire service and receive 30% less as a result of “where the money goes”.  If you take out the middle man you will receive more products for your money.  This is nothing new; it’s business 101, lower COGS results in higher profits and greater value for the consumer.  The game played by call centers, direct ship companies, and wire-services alike is that you are receiving fresher, product at a better cost eliminating the middle man (namely the florist), oh by the way,  you also get a free .99 vase that they say is $5-$10.  This is furthest from the truth; they almost always charge you both a delivery fee and a service fee, and sometimes and expedited delivery fee.  These charges often cost you double what you would have paid by just calling a “Real Local Florist”.  Save yourself some dough, factor out the middle man and call your local florist.

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Russ Griffin