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Posted by Russ Griffin on August 3, 2015 | Last Updated: October 2, 2020 Uncategorized

The Perfect Gift Ideas for Back to School

back to schoolThe back to school season is an especially energized time of year, with students anticipating their studies and teachers gearing up for another eventful school year. Whether you’re sending a teenager off to college or you want to wish your best teacher friends a great semester and school year ahead, here are some of the top ideas for back to school gift-giving:

Stylish Cube Arrangements

A flower arrangement in a heavy, solid cube vase looks amazingly stylish on a desk or in a dorm room. Just about any type of flower or grouping can lend itself to this look, from hydrangea and lilies to carnations and roses. You pick the theme and the color scheme; just about anything is possible within the cube vase format. In addition to clear glass, cube vase arrangements come in a variety of attractive translucent colors. With so many possibilities, you’re sure to find something the recipient will love.

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Green and Flowering Plants

Green plants as well as flowering plants can bring a more serious, studious vibe while still showing how much you care. Peace lilies and African violets offer wonderful, consistent greenery that thrives with a minimum of care, and they will also flower at regular intervals throughout the year. Bamboo, money tree, croton plant and Chinese evergreen can all bring excellent feng shui balance to an environment, setting the stage for a successful school year for students and teachers. Palm, ficus, pothos and diffenbachia are also excellent choices for helping to create an atmosphere conducive to studying and learning.

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Exotic Petite Terrarium

Exotics and Orchids

Exotic flowers and orchids are some of the most expressive flowers you can give as a gift. Speak volumes without saying a word by sending a lovely potted exotic flower or orchid to your favorite student or educator. The Purple Phalaenopsis Orchid is a top seller that’s sure to take their breath away; with elegant stalks and stunning orchid blooms up top, this premium purplish-maroon flower with yellow centers features up to nine large blooms that can last for up to two months.

When it comes to back to school gift-giving, the ideal choices tend to be items that can accent an office or dorm room. Use these tips as inspiration to surprise and delight the students and teachers in your life. Contact Griffin’s Floral Designs for more ideas or to place your back to school gift order.