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Posted by Russ Griffin on April 22, 2014 | Last Updated: August 18, 2014 Uncategorized

Traditional Gift Giving Tips for Admin Professional’s Day

garden of thanksAdministrative Professionals Day is the one day out of the year that all managers need to show their office workers just how they grateful they are to have them. This isn’t to say that gratitude shouldn’t be given all year round, but on Admin Professionals Day, the thankfulness should really shine. Let’s take a quick look at a few traditional gift giving tips for this special day.

First and Foremost, Flowers!

Flowers are the optimal gift on Admin Professional’s Day. From the wide variety of floral arrangements we have put together you should be able to find the perfect gift to show your appreciation! From potted flowers, gift baskets to floral bouquets, all floral gifts are perfect for the occasion!

Gift Cards

A $10 gift card isn’t going to suffice. Managers need to show their true appreciation by giving something of value, and when it comes to gift cards, at least $100 needs to be put on each card. Administrative workers are talented at what they do, and without them, an office would likely fall apart. Because of this, a good amount of money should be given to them when handing out gift cards on Administrative Professionals Day.

Paid Time Off

Who doesn’t love getting to stay home from work and get paid for it?  It’s only common sense that you can’t let all of your administrative workers off on the same day, but you can gift each of them with three days of paid leave, and then allow them to work it out among themselves as to when they want to take them.

Take Them Out for Steaks

When it comes to showing them what they’re worth, don’t take your admin workers out to McDonald’s.  Instead, take them out to one of the nicer steakhouses in your area, and if you happen to live in rural area where there are no steakhouses, then consider taking them out on a Saturday when all of you have the time to go out of town. When doing this, don’t just offer to pay for their meal, also offer to pay for their gas, or at least provide transportation for them.

Give Them Tickets to an Event

When giving them tickets, it’s usually a good idea to give them a gift card to an event ticket master.  In doing this, you allow your workers to spend the money on tickets to an event that they will actually enjoy.  Remember, not everyone likes the same things, so purchasing event tickets that will please everyone is hard to do.