Griffins Floral Designs

Griffins Floral Designs

Posted by Russ Griffin on December 18, 2017 Uncategorized

2018’s Lavish And Delicate Flowers

One of the most promising design trends announced in International Floral Distributors annual trend forecast is called “Positively Posh,” and we here at Griffin’s Floral Design are here for it. Once you see this breathtakingly beautiful presentation of blooms, which relies on texture and an understated palette for effect, you’ll want to revamp you floral scheme with it, too.

The idea is that the flowers in this luxe, abundant approach cascade like a ruffle, with delicate petal after delicate petal building into a rich-looking design. The colors are muted – pale pinks and grays – but for a pop of violet or crimson here and there. This adds contrast and gives the arrangement a modern edge. The impact is whimsical and fun, which is represented here, in our Springtime Serenade.

This is definitely posh, without being stuffy. It feels accessible, and yet has tons of polish. And the texture is everything, adding a lot of interest. We see floral designs like this working both in the home and at events, and they would obviously make for a stunning romantic bouquet. We look forward to incorporating more of this look into our floral work here at Griffin’s Floral Design in 2018 and beyond.