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Interesting Facts About National Teacher’s Day

The beginnings of National Teacher’s Day in the United States aren’t completely clear, but around 1944 teacher Mattye Whyte Woodridge began writing to politicians about the need to recognize teachers for their hard work and dedication.

Eleanor Roosevelt was contacted by Woodridge, and in 1953 Roosevelt was able to persuade congress to officially name a Professional Teacher’s Day. The first National Teacher’s Day was declared March 7, 1980.

For five years National Teacher’s Day was celebrated in March, but by 1985 the National Education Association voted to have National Teacher’s Day be the first Tuesday of the first full week of May each school year.

Children and parents celebrate the teachers of their school in many ways.  Many parents like to send in flowers as a way to show appreciation.  It is a day to celebrate, and nothing says celebration like a beautiful bouquet that brightens up the classroom.  Good choices for teachers include flowers with an additional treat for the teachers such as chocolate covered strawberries.

National Teacher’s Day is a time to make teachers feel special.  It is important to avoid gifts that are for the classroom, but instead focus on gifts that are for the teacher to enjoy.  Although it’s practical to give teachers classroom related gifts, to truly make a teacher feel special you should think about ways to pamper the teacher.

Consider pooling resources with other parents and purchase a massage.  Create a food spread with other parents in the teacher’s lounge for National Teacher’s Day.  Let the people who are teaching your children every day know how important you feel their work is.

Gift certificates to area restaurants are always a great idea to give as gifts.  You want the teacher to know they are special, and that you respect the work they do with your children. Gifts, attention and praise are all wonderful ways to show that you are paying attention.

Make sure to have the students create cards or craft projects for their teacher.  A well done card of appreciation will mean a lot to any teacher.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to let teachers know you care.  Think about what would be meaningful, beautiful, and something the teacher would not do for themselves.