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Posted by Russ Griffin on June 6, 2014 | Last Updated: December 10, 2021 Uncategorized

3 Reasons You Should Buy Roses in June

enchanted rosesRoses are beautiful, and during the month of June, we celebrate this amazing flower. With our Enchanted roses bouquet, brighten someone’s day with a combination of pink, peach, and white roses.

It’s always a good time to buy roses. Roses are a proven winner for loved ones, and during the month of June, there are plenty of reasons to buy roses.

Celebrate national rose month with a colorful arrangement. Available in many colors beyond the traditional red, roses are used to create intricate arrangements that will be appreciated by any recipient.

Enjoy the first day of summer with a beautiful bouquet. As the summer begins on June 21, what better way to enjoy the great weather than with a summer arrangement of roses?

Another great reason to send roses is to show your appreciation to a special person in your life. Each color of rose has meaning to it, and choosing the right color shows your appreciation in a creative way.

Sending roses that are red simply means, “I love you”, and that is why the traditional red rose bouquet is so popular for Valentine’s Day. Orange roses symbolize fascination, yellow roses indicate friendship and pink roses mean thankfulness. You can send a message simply by choosing the color of the rose you want to send.

To take care of your arrangement of roses and make them last longer, make sure the vase you put the flowers in is clean. Don’t just rinse the vase out, but use hot, soapy water to clean the vase. Dirty vases contain bacteria that will break down cut flowers more quickly.

Change the vase water frequently to make the roses last longer. Old water contains bacteria and will quickly kill off the roses early. Trimming the ends of the rose stems under running water every day will also help extend the life of the flowers.

Celebrate the rose during the month of June. Whether you buy an arrangement for yourself, a friend, or your spouse, enjoy the beauty that roses have to offer this summer season.