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Beautiful luxury roses in red, pink, white, yellow, and even lavender.

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Roses - They are a timeless classic! Griffin's Flowers of Columbus, Ohio. Roses Arrangements feature South American farm-direct Roses in your choice of Half-Dozens, Dozens, Two Dozens Roses, and larger. We are Columbus and Central Ohio's rose experts. Order your Columbus Roses today with Griffin's.

Sending roses is a timeless gesture, rich in meaning and steeped in tradition. These blossoms are more than just a feast for the eyes; they're a language of their own, conveying emotions when words fall short. The sheer variety of colors offers a palette of sentiments. Red roses, the classic symbol of deep love and passion, are often exchanged between lovers, making them a staple of romantic gestures. Yellow roses sparkle with the warmth of friendship and joy, perfect for cheering up a friend or celebrating a new beginning. White roses, with their pristine beauty, speak of innocence, reverence, or remembrance.

But the joy of sending roses extends beyond their symbolism. It's about the act itself—the anticipation of choosing the perfect bouquet, the personal touch of adding a heartfelt note, and the thrill of surprising someone special. Whether it's to mark a significant occasion or just to brighten an ordinary day, sending roses creates a moment of connection, a shared understanding that needs no words. It's a timeless way to say, "You matter, and I'm thinking of you." In this simple exchange, emotions bloom just like the roses themselves—vibrant, beautiful, and full of life.

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