Customer Testimonials

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WOW! I've been ordering flowers for years, and this is the best service I've ever received - truly a FLORAL ADVENTURE! Laurie C., Edmonds, WA
Griffins delivered a thanksgiving centerpiece to our house today that was just beautiful. Come to find out that our grandaughter just ordered it this last night, I couldn't believe how quickly they were able to deliver it. Fresh flowers and the driver was so polite when delivering. James
I received a boquet of flowers from my son and daughter-iinlaw, created by your shop. After a few day I removed the wilted rose buds; couple days later the tulips were failing and then in a few more day the carnations had to go. In a smaller vase, i rearranged the dozen or so daisy look-alikes which were still ver crisp and colorful. (These flowers looked like daisies bu were a deep rose pink) Anyway, just yesterday the daisies had finally wilted and were no longer pretty to look at, so i pitched them....thats 24 days we enjoyed these flowers on our kitched table! Thats the longest time i can ever remember cut flowers looking so good. I just wanted you to know how long your flower arrangement gave us pleasure. Thank you! Betty Betty
Creative and Original floral designs We have on several occassions ordered from Griffins Floral Designs and have always been beyond delighted about the quality and creativity that goes into each arrangement. Keep up the excellent work Griffins Floral Designs. - Roberta Roberta