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Posted by Russ Griffin on September 27, 2021 Uncategorized

Autumn Flowers in Autumn Colors

The crisp and brisk feel of autumn has a lot to do with not only the weather but the muted and natural color tones that appear in fashion and home décor. As we say “goodbye” to bright hues like watermelon pink, pineapple yellow, and kiwi green, we give a warm welcome to pumpkin orange, apple red, and squash yellow. Trending colors of the season can also be seen in the fall foliage outside your window, in your hot coffee or hot chocolate, and of course, in your favorite autumn blooms. The experts here at Griffin’s Floral Design, the best flower shop in Columbus, are pointing out popular fall flowers and their inspiring colors for seasonal trends.

What Colors Are in Season?


Fall roses are those with uplifting yellow, warm orange, passionate red, and pure white flower petals. Although roses are displayed, celebrated, and admired throughout each season, there is something comforting about displaying this specific color palette of roses in your home during autumn. Did we mention they are also great gifts for hosts and hostesses?


You will know that the autumn season is here once you start to notice chrysanthemums almost everywhere you look. Whether they are nestled into pots on your neighbor’s front porch or bringing energy and life into your own home, these classic fall favorites offer many tones and hues of the season, including orange, white, yellow, red, lavender, and purple. With “mums” being the most common nickname for these blooms, you can also hear people call them “the queen of fall flowers.” 


Some of our favorite spring and summer blooms are also our favorite autumn blooms. One of the lucky flowers that many of us enjoy including in fall floral arrangements are daisies. From traditional daisies to bright and colorful gerbera daisies, you can spot white, yellow, orange, purple, red, and other autumn hues to seamlessly enhance your fall decor.


Goldenrod is a favorite fall wildflower that adds texture, whimsy, and style to seasonal bouquets and arrangements. As a symbol of happiness, wealth, prosperity, and new beginnings, these puffy yellow flowers are the perfect way to welcome this season of transition. As we like to think of autumn as the “golden season,” goldenrods sure have their place and fit right in.


It should come as no shock to learn that marigolds were chosen as October’s official birth flower. With their warm, golden, and mood-boosting shades of orange, yellow, and sometimes red, marigolds help paint the world in wonderful fall hues. They also resemble two other popular blooms, carnations and daisies, and are admired for their pom-pom-like petals.

Since there are an endless amount of autumn blooms worthy of admiration and honor, we would be incorrect to claim that these top five are our only favorites. To enjoy more uplifting, comforting, and warm flowers of the season, we encourage you to scroll through our online collection and visit us in person here at Griffins Floral Designs. Whether you hope to elevate your fall home decor or surprise a loved one with an autumn bouquet, our team is ready to assist.

STUNNING! This calm fall arrangement is sure to bring a slice of serenity to your home. white hydrangea, seeded eucalyptus, peach Ecuadorian roses, white oriental Lilies, white Gerbera daisies, orange Alstromeria, and more in shades of peach and orange mingle together to create a beautiful Autumn gift.

Autumns Peach Blossoms

Vivid tones of red and copper mixed with peaches bring to mind the comfort following a mug of warm apple cider.  Includes a mix of fall colored daisies, carnations, and roses.

Warm Apple Cider