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Posted by Russ Griffin on October 8, 2019 | Last Updated: October 24, 2019 Uncategorized

Celebrate October with These Oddly Frightening Flowers

It’s October, which means it’s time for all the fun autumn activities. We love snacking on candy corn, watching scary movies, dipping caramel apples, and picking out Halloween costumes. At Griffin’s Floral Design, however, our Newark, Columbus, and Pataskala florists prefer celebrating all the seasons with flowers! So, this October, we’re getting into the Halloween spirit with some of the spookiest and strangest flowers on Earth. Read on, if you dare!

Who’s Afraid of the Big-Bad Flower? Top 3 Scary Blooms


1. Titan Arum

Sumatran corpse flower – Titan Arum

Although it’s native to the island of Sumatra, the titan arum gets its name from the Greek word for giant. This colossus of a plant can reach heights of up to 20 feet and widths of up to 16 feet when in full bloom (which only occurs once every several years). The titan arum’s great size isn’t its only claim to fame; it also delivers a pungent odor. The carrion plant’s stench has been compared to a combination of sweaty socks, Chloraseptic, dead fish, Limburger cheese, and something slightly sweet. 

2. Stinking Corpse Lily

Stinking Corpse Lily

Another carrion flower native to Sumatra, the stinking corpse lily gets its name from its strong, offensive odor which smells like decaying flesh. It’s even more famous, however, for its size. The stinking corpse lily holds the record for the largest single flower in the world, with the most impressive blooms measuring in at nearly three-and-a-half feet from petal to petal. 

Like something from another universe, this flower features bright red petals and lumpy, yellow spots. Other than its petals, it really bears no resemblance to other flowers, which typically grow leaves, stems, and roots. The stinking corpse lily is more similar to a fungus. It’s parasitic in nature, living inside and off of host vines found in the tropical forest. 

3. Hydnora Africana


This monstrous flower’s not for picking. Native to southern Africa, the Hydnora Africana is a subterranean plant that spends most of its life completely underground. It feeds off the roots of innocent neighboring plants and has no need for sunlight. When it’s ready to reproduce, the plant’s toothy-looking monster heads sprout up from the soil. The plant emits an odor like feces that attracts its primary pollinators, dung beetles and flies. When they land on the plant, its jaw-like petals close tightly, trapping the insects inside for several days. 

If this beastie looks familiar, you’ve probably seen its likeness on t.v. The Hydnora Africana is thought to have inspired the monsters in “Tremors” and Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” in addition to the plant character from “Little Shop of Horrors.” 

Decorate with These Nose-Friendly October Floral Picks Instead

There’s no need to stink up your neighborhood with carrion flowers; there’re plenty of sweet-smelling blooms that are perfectly suitable for the season!

Black Rose

Orange & Yellow Mum

Orange and Yellow Daisies

Black Roses

We absolutely love black roses for Halloween and Halloween weddings. All-black bouquets make a strong statement of elegance with a dose of the macabre. Add a bit of lace and a few cobwebs for an added spooky effect. If you’d like to go for a more playful take on the black bouquet, we recommend mixing in orange and yellow flowers. Tie off the arrangement with holiday ribbons and add some sparkly with flower picks featuring glittery bats, ghosts, or pumpkins. 

Chrysanthemums and Gerbera Daisies

Not all October flowers are scary. If you want to highlight the fun and playful aspects of autumn and Halloween, then we recommend potted chrysanthemums and Gerbera daisies. These flowers traditionally represent cheerfulness and will help you create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in and around your home for the season. These flowers bloom abundantly in almost every color of the rainbow, including those that are most popular in fall, such as burgundy, yellow, orange, and gold. Place them around your front door or inside to create a happy seasonal look. To ensure they stay healthy throughout the season, bring them indoors before any frosty weather arrives. 

Fall Favorites for Decorating for Halloween

If you’re ready to decorate for Autumn with some of our favorite October flowers, our florists at Griffin’s Floral Designs can help you select the best arrangements and floral accents for your home. Whether you’re planning a harvest dinner party or simply preparing for Halloween trick-or-treaters, we can help you get your house into the spirit of the season. For example, with our Falling Leaves and Ceramic Pumpkin with Gerberas bouquets.

Falling Leaves

Ceramic Pumpkin with Gerberas

To view more of our seasonal selections, we welcome you to stop by one of our flower shop locations or visit us online today!