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Posted by Russ Griffin on May 3, 2021 | Last Updated: May 6, 2021 Uncategorized

Decor & Style Ideas for Your Summer BBQ

Getting ready for summer isn’t complete without gearing up for a season of grilling and barbecues. With an abundance of cookouts and annual backyard parties, it’s time to make this season special by hosting a beautiful and stylish celebration with loved ones. Your friends and experts here at Griffin’s Floral Design, the top flower shop in Columbus, have the perfect recipe for a memorable, fresh, and gorgeous day with loved ones. Filling your yard with your favorite summer flowers, garnishing signature drinks with elegant petals, accenting tables with bright blooms, and giving guests a thoughtful miniature arrangement to admire at home are just a few creative ideas sure to “wow” each BBQ attendee.

Four Creative Tips for Using Flowers to Spice Up Your Cookout

Add Colorful Flower Accents

Create contrast to Mother Nature’s neutral color palette by displaying bold blooms and bright pops of color at your next summer cookout. Purple, blue, red, pink, yellow, and orange petals encompassed by vibrant greenery, are sure to bring a lively and refreshing element to your outdoor space. Display large floral arrangements on guest tables and smaller matching accents on food and dessert displays for the perfect cohesive BBQ decor.

Select Hardy Blooms

The best florals and greenery to enhance your summer cookout are ones that are hardy and able to thrive under the hot summer sun. As stunning and lovely as they are, roses, unfortunately, did not make the list of “summer lovin’” blooms. Instead, turn to flowers like delphinium, anthurium, sunflowers, wax flowers, pincushions, daisies, succulents, and eucalyptus. Not only will their beauty withstand the day and evening but can continue living as fresh home decor once the party ends and guests depart.

Garnish Drinks with Florals

This summer, your favorite flowers can offer their service to help you and your friends sip in style. As there are a variety of ways to creatively include blooms into your backyard BBQ, this one is the sweetest and most delicious. When you garnish a drink with floral accents, it doesn’t always have to be for a cocktail or “fancy” drink like a lavender lemon spritz, although these are often crowd-pleasers. To avoid stirring behind the bar all night long, you can have simple garnishes for fruit-infused waters, sodas, and your famous lemonade or iced tea. While planning your drink menu, make sure to confirm with your trusted local florist that the blooms you have chosen are safe to ingest.

Style Mason Jars for Gifts

The best party favors and gifts to send home with your guests are ones that double as decor for your backyard bash. One fun idea is gathering a slew of mason jars and decorating them with ribbon, burlap, or other accessories to match your party theme, and filling them with your favorite summer flowers and greens. Incorporating nostalgia, charm, and rustic elements with colorful blooms makes for the perfect outdoor BBQ decor for food stations and guest tables. Your friends and family will love the surprise as they are sent home with one of your creative DIY masterpieces.

With so many out-of-the-box and unique ways to include summer flowers and floral details into your backyard BBQ, it is easier than you think to make your decor special. Your friends and experts at Griffin’s Floral Design are here to help select the perfect bold blooms to uplift, brighten, and elevate your outside space for an extra special cookout.

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