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Posted by Russ Griffin on May 6, 2016 | Last Updated: September 9, 2020 Uncategorized

Emerald Flowers for May Birthdays

may birthdaysThe emerald is one of the most coveted gemstones in the world. Although not exceptionally uncommon – emeralds are found in 29 countries, including the United States – to find an emerald of excellent quality is rare indeed. The name emerald is derived from the Greek for “greenstone”, and is a symbolic representation of new life, rebirth, youth, and good fortune. Over the years, alternative meanings for the emerald have emerged and include friendship, faithfulness, and loyalty. All of these meanings make it the perfect birthstone for May, and the perfect opportunity to give an emerald inspired gift.

Emeralds occur in all shades of green, from yellow-green to blue-green; the lighter shades are often classified as beryl. At Griffins’ Floral Designs, we have beautiful floral arrangements made from the entire spectrum of green hues, ideal to celebrate all your loved ones with May birthdays. From exotic cymbidium orchids to serene green roses to exquisite green spider mums – we have unique bouquets that are rarely given but will make a distinct impression. As a matter of fact, you may be surprised at the many varieties of flowers that occur in green; add in a contrasting color for a striking bouquet that will make others (dare we say ) green with envy.

may birthdays may birthdays

Of course, there is also a wide selection of green plants sure to impress your May birthday celebrants. From succulent and dish gardens to terrariums and lush green potted plants, Griffin’s Floral Design has a wide selection of options that will allow you to recognize the emerald in a new and exciting way. This May, get creative! Send a gift of emerald flowers to everyone celebrating a birthday.