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Posted by Russ Griffin on August 23, 2019 | Last Updated: October 12, 2020 Uncategorized

Fall’s Most Alluring Blooms

Fall is a magical time when leaves change color, kids go back to school, and pumpkin spice latte is everywhere you look. It’s also a wonderful time to celebrate the beauty that nature serves up with some of its boldest colors and richest textures during the season. The floral designers at Griffin’s Floral Design are so excited about our fall collection. We get to use some of the seasons most alluring blooms in our designs this time of year. Take a look at our fall collection and find something to send to a friend or family member in the Columbus area. Or, even send some to yourself to decorate your home or office this season. The combinations and possibilities are endless when you include fall flowers in your season.

Our Alluring Fall Favorites

Celebrate the beauty of the fall season in a big way with the compact design of our Sweet Autumn Harvest. A leaf-lined glass cylinder vase is bursting with orange gerbera daisies, orange daisies, and yellow lilies, all accented with black-bearded wheat for a festive autumn look. Gorgeous lime green hydrangea peeks out from beneath the blooms to add color and flair, making this design perfect for any fall celebration.

Walk through Country Meadows with this arrangement of bold orange Asiatic lilies, bright sunflowers, white mini carnations, green pompon mums, and yellow solidago. Fresh ferns and other fall greens accent this design, created in a tall glass cylinder vase for a gorgeous presentation. Who do you know that needs a reminder to slow down and take a walk through an autumn meadow this season?

Adorn your fall table with an Autumn Bowl of Beauty. This clear glass bubble bowl is overflowing with beautiful orange roses, red Asiatic lilies, burgundy carnations and mini carnations, red asters, Hypericum berries, and a variety of lush greens. Festive birch branches accent this piece for a fresh glimpse of the coming fall season.

Alluring Seasonal Blooms

While spring and summer are most commonly associated with bright blooming flowers, do not overlook fall’s amazing colors and textures. Some of the most gorgeous offerings from nature show up during the fall season including marigolds, hyssop, lavender, carnations, daisies, and sunflowers. Don’t let fall pass you by without including some of these amazing flowers and blooming plants in your decor and gift-giving this year.

Send Alluring Fall Blooms

Do you know anyone having a birthday or celebrating an anniversary during September or October? Fall is the perfect time to send beautiful autumn flowers to friends and loved ones. They will be delighted to receive flowers that represent their particular month and that you were so thoughtful. If you know anyone planning to get married during the fall season, take a look at some of our beautiful fall designs. Fall florals are dramatic and mesmerizing and can make elegant wedding flowers. It’s also an excellent time to send “Just Because” flowers to anyone you know who might need a little encouragement during the fall season. Sending flowers just to let someone know you’re thinking of them is the best reason to send flowers, after all!

You Need Alluring Fall Blooms!

Maybe your home decor needs a fall update. Choose beautiful fall blooms to decorate your living room, front porch, or even your desk at work. Fall blooms can be accented with pumpkins, gourds, dried ears of corn, and other fun fall accouterments. And, think about including dahlias and daisies throughout your living room and kitchen. Place bright, cheery sunflowers in your office and decorate your front porch with pots of chrysanthemums in varying colors. You’ll be feeling the fall spirit in no time when you decorate with fall flowers.

The fall season brings us some of the most exciting and intricate flowers of the year. Take advantage of this incredible growing season and surround yourself with the beauty of nature’s most exquisite florals. For more information about how to give or decorate with fall flowers, talk to the floral designers at Griffin’s Floral Design. We’re more than happy to help you choose the perfect floral bouquet for fall occasions or to deck out your home for the autumn season.