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Posted by Russ Griffin on January 23, 2023 Uncategorized

Heartfelt Gifts for Your Closest Pals on Valentine’s Day

For many of us, gone are the school days spent celebrating Valentine’s Day in a classroom, overcome with giddiness as we decorated homemade “mailboxes” and passed out small valentines with cute puns and quirky phrases like “U R 2 Cool,” “You Totally Rock,” and “BFFs 4 Life.” However, the lessons we learned about love as kids on Valentine’s Day still hold true as adults. While Valentine’s Day is often geared towards couples, it is also a day to honor our friendships – enter Galentine’s Day. If you feel too old to send a Valentine’s Day card with your favorite cartoon character or are simply looking for a sweet gift to send with a card, the experts here at Griffin’s Floral Designs, the top florist in Columbus, OH, are sharing the perfect gift guide for spoiling your BFFs, gals, guys, work friends, and your awesome neighbors on Valentine’s Day.

How to Select a Fun Valentine’s Day Surprise

Gift Ideas for Your Bestie

Yellow orchids, lilies, alstroemeria, and sunflowers are fabulous blooms to wish your bestie a happy Valentine’s Day without sending a potentially uncomfortable message with romantic red roses. Yellow flowers are symbolic of friendship in addition to joy, lightheartedness, happiness, and positivity. For blooms that are more “on brand” for Valentine’s Day, yellow roses are appropriate to send to your BFF as a symbol of friendship.

Gift Ideas for the Girls

Whether she’s your gal pal or significant other, Galentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day, women will always adore being sent a lovely bouquet of fresh roses. As you select just the right bouquet for her, think about the message you want to convey and the relationship you share. Then, you can decide if blue for peace, purple for admiration, green for harmony, pink for grace, or red for romance are most appropriate.

Gift Ideas for Men

If sending flowers to your guy friends or boyfriend feels awkward or you want to be certain to gift something your man will love, take a look at blooming plants. Peace lilies, birds of paradise, and orchids are colorful and masculine blooms for guys and send a loving message. This Valentine’s Day, don’t get him some predictable, like a tie or golf balls. Gift him the unexpected that will warm his heart.

Gift Ideas for Couples

If you know a couple who is celebrating their first Valentine’s Day as partners or newlyweds, why not surprise them with something extra special? As they prepare for a romantic and cozy night at home, help finesse the ambiance with a timeless collection of romantic roses and stargazer lilies. You can also pair any marvelous floral arrangement with a thoughtful floral-themed gift to enhance the romance further.

Gift Ideas for Neighbors

The loving friendships we share with our helpful, friendly, and supportive neighbors are something not to be taken for granted. Whether they live right next door or a block away, our quality of life can be influenced by the quality of our neighbors. If you are lucky enough to have great neighbors, send some love their way this Valentine’s Day. Make their day with their favorite-colored blooms or a sweet arrangement with peach-colored flowers, like tulips, ranunculus, alstroemeria, and carnations, to symbolize their kindness and your genuine appreciation.

Gift Ideas for Co-workers

Like our neighbors, having good, fun, and supportive co-workers will make our jobs much more enjoyable. If you love your co-workers, consider sending a bright and refreshing Valentine’s Day surprise to the office. Vibrant orange flowers have the ability to enhance productivity and symbolize passion for work, enthusiasm, warmth, excitement, and success. Can you think of a more fitting floral hue to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your co-workers?

A lovely floral bouquet from Griffin’s Floral Designs is the ultimate gift for anyone on your list. This Valentine’s Day, celebrate your loving friendships with gratitude and flowers for everyone! Personalize arrangements for your loved ones to send convey the right message, brighten their day, and respect your budget. From a luxurious collection of romantic roses to a classic bundle of colorful petals, we are always here to help honor the most important people in your life.