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Posted by Russ Griffin on January 28, 2016 | Last Updated: December 29, 2020 Uncategorized

How to Use Valentine’s Day Flowers to Share Your Deepest Romantic Feelings

flower meaningsAs Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s time to start thinking about the flowers you want to give to the special person or people in your life. Think of Griffin’s Floral Designs as the romantic villa for all Valentine’s Day flowers because that’s what we believe we are.


Roses are widely regarded as the single-most romantic flower to give for Valentine’s Day. You may not realize that tulips are also considered romantic flowers. Besides being the National flower of Holland, they represent fame and are indicative of a perfect lover. Every color represents a different emotion or sends a different message. You can personalize your Valentine’s Day message by combining different flower colors and varieties.

If you haven’t reached the point in a relationship where you’re ready to declare your love for someone or suggest that you’re passionately in love with them, send them a bouquet of ten or twenty Pink Tulips. A gift of pink tulips that are dressed up with a pink satin ribbon suggests that you care about someone and feel very affectionate towards them.


Show someone you’re passionately in love with them, then give red roses, but add a luxurious extra that suggests beauty, love, refinement, strength, and thoughtfulness. You can’t get much more sophisticated than our Pure Elegance arrangement.


Another beautiful gift for someone you love deeply is our Passionately Yours arrangement. We’ve taken three floral superstar celebrities and put them in one arrangement. Red roses are the quintessential representation of passionate love. The pink Stargazer lilies symbolize wealth, prosperity, and admiration.

When you combine red and pink roses, pink stargazer lilies, and dendrobium orchids, you get a floral design that conveys passionate love, admiration, gratitude, aspiration, wealth, prosperity, luxury, and refinement. In other words, our Loving Dance arrangement is one to give to the love of your life.


Don’t miss the opportunity to declare your love to someone, tell your beloved how much you love them, or take a relationship to the next level by giving them a unique and very romantic gift of flowers. The Griffin’s Floral Design team is ready to help you choose one of our beautiful Valentine’s Day designs, or customize one that will be the ultimate expression of your deepest romantic feelings.