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Posted by Russ Griffin on February 10, 2015 Valentine's Day

Make Sure you Send the Right Message with Roses

Rose Colors & Meanings | Columbus OhioAll flowers can convey emotion, but no other flower symbolizes love quite like the rose. It’s ideal for gift-giving opportunities ranging from Valentine’s Day to that special anniversary, or whenever you wish to express love on any level. Red roses have been a symbol of passion and romantic love for many years, but roses also come in many other colors. Consider these beautiful alternative rose colors for gift-giving this Valentine’s Day:

Yellow roses. The sunny vibe of yellow roses can brighten any relationship. They’re ideal to send to friends, extended family and colleagues any time of year. Yellow-colored roses exude a caring, joyful spirit as well as genuine warmth and gratitude.

Pink roses. Pink roses bring a stylish femininity, class and elegance; however, meaning can vary with the shade of pink. Lighter pink exudes grace, refinement, admiration and elegance, while deeper pinks symbolize genuine warmth and appreciation.

Orange roses. With vibrant hues and warm tones, orange roses exude both sensual desire and a true respect. For those who feel both admiration as well as attraction for that special someone, the orange rose is the perfect way to express affection.

Purple roses. Violet, lilac and lavender-colored roses bring an undeniable magic and enchantment. While darker purples have a majestic, royal and regal quality, light purple roses have a more spiritual energy. Medium purple roses can help you express the intrigue and desire emblematic of a “love at first sight” connection — so why not send your secret crush a bouquet of purple roses this Valentine’s Day?

White Roses. White roses are often connected with wedding ceremonies, new love, purity and new beginnings. Sending a bouquet of white roses exudes reverence and a genuine quality of pure, heartfelt intentions.multi-colored roses Columbus Ohio

Multi-colored roses. Sometimes it’s hard to decide on just one color rose to give; fortunately, you don’t have to. Consider sending a bouquet with a combination of the recipient’s favorite colors. Pink, red and white roses symbolize a unified partnership and commitment. Red, yellow, orange and pink roses together express exuberance about your relationship.

Roses have long symbolized a loving connection, making them ideal for Valentine’s Day gift giving. While the love of your life may deserve red roses, don’t stop there; friends, family members and even colleagues will appreciate the sentiment of different color roses on Valentine’s Day (or whenever you want to show them your appreciation). Contact Griffin’s Floral Design for more ideas or to place your order.