Griffins Floral Designs

Griffins Floral Designs

Posted by Russ Griffin on August 31, 2018 | Last Updated: February 19, 2021 Uncategorized

Marvelously Meaningful Flowers

Every year on Valentine’s Day, my three daughters receive a rose from their father. He started this tradition with them when they were young because he wanted their first roses to come from their father, rather than “some boy.” They treasure their rose every year because of everything it symbolizes between them and their dad. The floral artisans at Griffin’s Floral Design understand the importance of flowers and how they can contribute to a special occasion or tradition in many ways.

To send a unique design that declares your love in magnificent ways, look no further than our Abundance of Love bouquet. This modern design features roses, orchids, hydrangea and mixed greenery and accent flowers in an impressive studded vase that dazzles. Showcase your love for her as well as your sense of style with this one-of-a-kind design meant especially for her.

Just like traditions have special meanings, flowers also communicate a particular message that can carry far more significance between the sender and the recipient than a simple gift. Use flowers to start traditions of your own and watch the relationships grow behind the meaning of this gesture. The floral experts at Griffin’s Floral Design will be glad to help you select the best arrangements for the traditions you’d like to start.