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Posted by Russ Griffin on November 26, 2017 Uncategorized

Offer A Helping Hand This Giving Tuesday

Have you circled November 28 on your calendar? If not, get out your red pen: Giving Tuesday, a global initiative to promote charitable giving across the world, is here.

At Griffins Floral Designs, we know all about giving. And not just flowers; in fact, we offer a charitable giving program all year long. Our Columbus community is important to us, and while we love bringing flowers and people together, we’re equally invested in turning one personal gift into something that can benefit many.

When you shop online with us, look for our Helping Hands program. It’s a simple process that begins after you’ve selected your flowers online (and for this time of year, we love Shimmers of Silver as a gift). Once you’ve made your choice, click the Helping Hands drop down menu to reveal a list of worthy causes and organizations local to us. Pick your favorite, and at checkout, a donation will go to them.Shimmers of Silver Christmas Flowers Holiday Gifts Columbus Florists

When we support those charities and organizations so near and dear to our hearts, we’re offering the most meaningful of gifts. And while sending flowers to our sweetie is a wonderful gesture, it can be turned into a much broader act of giving. Essentially, instead of one gift, you’re offering two. And we think that’s something to feel really good about, especially during the holidays.