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Posted by Russ Griffin on June 6, 2016 | Last Updated: December 10, 2021 Uncategorized

Red Roses for June

rosesThe red rose’s deep, rich hue makes it arguably the most beautiful and coveted of all the species. All roses express warmth, affection, and love in varying degrees, but the red rose is known to represent deep love and romantic affection. This association began during the Victorian Era when a secret floral language served as a means of communication between lovers – and the red rose evolved to symbolize true love that would stand the test of time. But long before this language was developed, the red rose was revered – legend tells us that Cleopatra so loved the red rose that she carpeted her bedroom floor with the flower.

rosesOur fascination with the red rose continues today. In fact, on June 12th, Red Rose Day will be observed across the country – although not an official holiday, it is celebrated by rose lovers and enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty of the bloom. The day also gives us another wonderful opportunity to send red roses to anyone we love.

rosesRed Rose Day falls right in the midst of June, fitting because the rose is the official birth flower of the month. For any of your family and friends celebrating a birthday during June, the rose gives you numerous choices to express your sentiments. Yellow roses signify friendship; pink roses signify appreciation and purple roses stand for enchantment – so create an arrangement of one color, or mix and match them. You just cannot go wrong with a bouquet of roses.

June is the month for roses of all colors to shine. No matter your occasion, don’t let the month go by without showing someone you love just how much you care, by sending a beautiful bouquet from Griffin’s Floral Designs.