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Support Local Florists And Create Local Tax Revenue

Go On Out There And Support Local Florists And Create Local Tax Revenue.

An Overview of Articles to discuss Consumer Fraud as a result of the Internet.  Consumers are being cheated and ripped off, generally paying as little as 20% more and as much as 50% more for their floral gifts when purchasing on-line.  We at Griffin’s Floral Design have become so alarmed by these deceptive practices that we have decided to begin a series of articles to discuss, educate, guide, and help.

This is Part 5 of Article Four on “Consumer Fraud” and deals with why we encourage consumers to support local business vs. Call Centers, Wire-Services, and Internet-based companies.  Keeping It Local will offer insight that will encourage future local buying habits when it comes to gift purchases.

Local Means More…” Local Tax Revenue

You sick of taxes!  Aren’t we all! 

The statistics are in and they are overwhelming.  Studies show that when you support local businesses specifically, you lower the possibility of increased local taxes. 

Your local business is forced to pay a number of taxes that you may not be aware of, some include, federal, state, city, county, schools, medicare, unemployment, social security, worker’s compensation, and sales of commodities and services.

 If you notice there are ten taxes listed here, of the ten, seven stay within your State/Community. Simply put, when you buy products outside of your community, you are paying the taxes of other communities, helping them create better schools, roads, parks, and neighborhoods.  In the community I reside in, we no longer have recreational parks supported by local government offices as a result of continually failed tax levies.  We also have damaged and poorly repaired roadways, along with no winter salting and plowing due to the same reason.  Why is this?  Perhaps we can look for the answer above, “Supporting the local community and creating jobs”.  No sales results in no jobs which results in no tax revenue. This phenomenon is US-wide; the community that continually refuses to pass local tax bonds is often the same community that is building up other communities by continuing to purchase products outside of their local area.  Support Local and Create Taxes for a better community.

Please post your questions, concerns, comments, or articles you would like to see.  We promise to respond. As always, thank you for supporting your local Central Ohio florist.  Go On Out There And Support Local Florists And Create Local Tax Revenue.


Russ Griffin