Sweetest Day Inspires Acts of Kindness

By Russ Griffin on October 4, 2017 in Sweetest Day. 0 Comments

Sweetest Day

Some say it was 1916, others that it was 1923 – but regardless of the date of the original Sweetest Day, we all agree on how it began. A homegrown Ohio holiday, the first observance of this day was in Cleveland approximately 100 years ago.

History tells of a group of candy company executives who banded together to give small gifts of candy and chocolate to orphans, shut-ins, and others who were down on their luck. Down through the years, the holiday has come to represent acts of kindness to anyone who could use a smile. And although the inaugural celebrations had nothing to do with romance. many people do think of Sweetest Day as a “little Valentine’s Day”. Regardless of who you want to surprise on October 21, Griffin’s Floral Designs has the bouquets, gifts, and chocolate you will need to make them smile! 

Sweetest Day

It’s Science! In a recent Rutgers University study, scientists determined that receiving flowers actually had a measurable effect on a person’s well being and mood. Having flowers in the home actually makes us happier, and the finding was universal across all demographics. So go ahead, order some flowers and let them know that they are “the sweetest!”

Cheerful flowers in bright colors are appropriate every day of the year – we love gerbera daisies, carnations, roses, lilies, and sunflowers to brighten a room! Tickled Her Pink, shown here, is a simple design which says “I love you” in a beautiful way. And don’t forget, if Sweetest Day means romance to you, we have gorgeous and elegant long stemmed roses perfect for the occasion.

If you have a friend who needs cheering up, a coworker who needs encouragement, or a loved one who feels alone – Sweetest Day is the perfect opportunity to send an expression of your support and affection. For this occasion, and every occasion throughout the year, Griffin’s Floral Design is your hometown Columbus choice for beautiful and uplifting gifts.




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