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Posted by Russ Griffin on May 27, 2020 | Last Updated: June 2, 2020 Uncategorized

The Charm of English Garden Style Arrangements

Bring the charm and fragrant freshness of a flowering garden into your home with an English Garden Style arrangement. Also referred to as Cottage Garden Style, this is a design which incorporates florals from the same season which would naturally grow together in a charming collection of vibrant colors, interesting textures, varied shapes, and bountiful beauty. One of our favorite designs, the floral experts at Griffin’s Floral Design love working with seasonal plants and flowers to create unique works of art. With the English Garden Style, it’s all about presenting what appears as an effortless design of Mother Nature’s finest as one would encounter it in a garden. 

English Country Cottage

Hallmarks of the English Garden Style

This style stands out from others due to the style not being too fussy or overly stylized, but rather appearing naturally as if you just came upon it while walking in a full, lush, overflowing garden. All of the flowers and plants used are to be from the same season and pair together and lay organically as they would in nature. It’s a style best described as capturing the charming beauty of a cottage garden in the spring or summer. Typically composed of vibrant flowers with contrasting colors, there has been a recent trend of using blooms from a pastel-colored palette. 

Cottage Garden with Wildflowers

Elements of this design also usually include large, burgeoning flowers such as dahlias, roses, or peonies accented by wildflowers, woody elements, and flourishes of vertical blooms such as snapdragon, foxglove, or delphinium. With shapes that are round or oval, the overall look is one of artful irregularity. 

Blue hydrangea with white roses in vase

Rainfall Droplets

A good example of the English Garden Style can be seen in our Rainfall Droplets which has blue hydrangea, pale blue native hydrangea, green shamrock hydrangea, lush white roses, wild hypericum berries, and a mixture of greenery. Another design, Rose Mist, includes a collection of white hydrangea, peach roses, mauve dianthus carnations, peach hypericum berries, snowflake spray roses, white snapdragons, and a mixture beautiful dancing greeneries. 

peach roses with greenery and white stock in a vase

Rose Mist

Best Occasions for Use

With an understated elegance, natural grace, and subtle yet exquisite beauty, the English Garden Style design is suitable for any occasion. Surprise a loved one with something stunning and unexpected or show a relative how much you care by sending them gorgeous collection of fresh-from-an-English-garden flowers. Or, treat yourself by incorporating the magical charm of the English countryside into your home and your life – it will definitely lift your spirits!