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Posted by Russ Griffin on August 13, 2018 Uncategorized

The Flowers Bees Love

Creating a bee-friendly environment in your backyard or garden is a simple process that can yield huge benefits. We love bees, not just for the balance they create in the eco-system, but also for the work they do to pollinate flowers, fruits and vegetables. On a large scale, bees contribute to a large portion of the world’s food sources. Keeping them healthy and thriving in our own gardens is a way to fight their declining numbers. Griffin’s Floral Design recommends adding plants and bright blooms with sweet fragrances like roses, lavender, mint, or sage to your outdoor space for maximum benefit to bees.

Some of bees’ favorite flowers are featured in our Paisley Sunny Delight bouquet, an arrangement full of bright yellow roses and daisies, as well as white tulips and blue delphinium and hydrangea. Bees thrive around blues and yellows in particular and will love to find these flowers displayed on your back porch or in your garden.

Paisley Sunny Delight Flower Arrangement Columbus Ohio

Try including flowers bees love in your garden or even on your outdoor patio. A little water and shade can go a long way to helping bees thrive. Keeping your garden pesticide-free helps bees stay healthy. Talk to the floral experts at Griffin Floral Designs about more ways you can design an outdoor space that will invite bees to visit often.