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The History Of Christmas

When a child asks, “How did Christmas happen?” What do you tell them?

Being confronted with this question by several young people I decided to search out the answer to how Christmas came about and this is what I found.

Christmas is an annual commemoration of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The celebration of Jesus is a widely observed holiday celebrated on December 25th by millions of people around the world. For many, Christmas closes the season of Advent, which is an accounting of the events leading to the Nativity or birth of Christ and the beginning of Christmastide, where the Twelve Days of Christmas carol derives from. Christmastide leads to what is known as Epiphany, which on January 6, a Christian feast day, celebrates the revelation of God the Son as a human being in Jesus Christ.

Customs for celebrating the Christmas Splendor associated with the Christmas Traditions comes in various ways. Popular are Christmas trees, gift giving, Christmas music and caroling mixed in with Christmas cards, Church and a celebratory meal.

In addition to celebrating the birth of Jesus, there is another that has grown in popularity during this festive season of giving. Yes, you know who he is… Santa Claus. The one known for bringing gifts to children during the Christmas season. Many have claimed to see him in different costumes but the most popular is Santa’s Red Coat.

So with that brief history of Christmas, when you pay homage for the birth of Jesus or when you are listening out your bedroom window for Santa to bring goodies for the kiddies, remember, he’s going to remember you too because Santa’s always got Something for Everyone.

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